HoneyDipped Gold Plating offers the most luxurious and high quality gold plated Apple Watches

Over 1000 Watches Plated! - 2-year Warranty On All Orders! - Free Return Shipping - Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

HoneyDipped Plating is a state of the art gold electroplating service that allows you to turn your stainless steel Apple Watch into a 24K Yellow Gold or Rose Gold masterpiece. After months of internal research and development, we have perfected the gold plating process and have a team of certified technicians that use state of the art equipment to beautifully transform your stainless steel Apple Watch and turn it GOLD!


Beware... Similar gold plating services and gold plating kits have been known to damage the Apple Watch

Our gold plating method completely immerses the Apple Watch in safe solutions for a thick uniform coating that is highly resistant to fading.

We have tested the durability and evaluated the gold hue of many of our competitors gold plated Apple Watches and have concluded that none of these competitor products come close to our quality and durability. What gives us the upper hand advantage is our proprietary plating techniques along with a highly trained staff and state of the art electroplating equipment.

We hope you enjoy our selection of 24K & Rose Gold plating services for your Apple Watch and bands.