About Us & The Process

Welcome to HoneyDipped Gold Plating Services

HoneyDipped plating is a state of the art electroplating service that allows you to turn your steel Apple Watch into a 24 karat yellow-gold masterpiece. We have perfected the gold plating process and have a team of certified technicians that use state of the art equipment to beautifully transform your steel Apple Watch and turn it GOLD!

This is our website where you can browse our options of 24 karat yellow gold plating and our unrivaled Rose Gold color, both of which match Apple's $10,000 versions. We are confident that you will appreciate both the craftsmanship and quality of our work. We have taken decades of gold plating knowledge and applied it to a single product category - The Apple Watch. 


Our process will leave your Apple Watch looking just like an authentic gold Apple Watch Edition

Similar gold plating services and gold plating kits have been known to leave the Apple Watch with less than satisfactory results.

Many of our customers have come to us with a watch that has a blotchy, uneven coating.  Multiple of those customers had watches with entire areas, such as the digital crown, completely unplated.  Link bands have been sent to us with stainless steel showing in the cracks or underside of the band.  This is unacceptable when you are paying for a professional service.  Our method completely immerses the watch in the best 24K hardened gold solution on the market,  producing a thick uniform coating that won't fade for years.  Your watch will be long replaced by the time our plating wears off.

Honey Dipped plating uses real 24-karat gold, although the "Edition" uses a 18K gold that Apple developed for the watch, the color is that of a hardened 24K gold plate.  When taken to the streets, everyone we encountered was unable to identify a difference between ours and the real deal.  Our plating looks just like the $10,000 version of the watch, giving you the most authentic gold hue you can find anywhere. Similar gold plating services deliver results that just don't cut it.

Please know that we will handle your watch with the highest level of care and perform the plating to the absolute best of our ability. We spent 6 months of Research and Development to refine our proprietary process and have currently plated over 2,000 Applewatches with fantastic success.  We treat every watch exactly the same. That being said, we do not assume any risk if your watch is damaged during the standard process.  If your watch has an unforeseen issue, we will strip the plating off chemically and issue you a full refund for the plating service.  If you have further concerns or questions regarding this subject, please give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will clarify.