Plate your Steel Apple Watch with 24K GOLD

  • By Honey Dipped PR

You are one of those thousands of people seriously attracted to Gold in all its forms and functions – if you can wear it, cover something with it, accessorize with it or simply paint something with it, you are a very happy camper. So, it is not a big stretch by any means to want to gold plate your steel Apple watch with 24K Gold.  So, is this safe? Will your initial product be protected and continue to have the same integrity as before it was plated? Let us look a little more closely at a specific form of plating that is utilized by Honeydipped.


Here at Honeydipped, we have experimented with the process of plating products to ensure they are safe and that the integrity of your product remains intact. Our state of the art gold electroplating service allows us to turn your steel items such as a stainless steel Apple watch into a 24 karat yellow or rose gold masterpiece that you can show off to your heart’s content.


Electroplating Service

We have perfected the gold plating process. In fact, we have an in-house team of certified technicians that are professionals in the field of transforming steel into gold plated treasures. We might go so far as to say he has a little bit of the Midas touch.


What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is a process that uses electric currents to reduce dissolved metals positive charges to form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. The idea is to use electricity to coat a mundane metal such as steel or copper, with a very thin layer of a more expensive or precious metal such as silver or gold – this makes a cheap metal look expensive. It also makes items rust resistant or produces alloys that are used for home furnishings, such as brass and bronze. In its simplest description, electroplating is primarily used to change the surface properties of an object – in our case, to change the steel casing to a gold plated product of perfection.


The most common form of electroplating is used for creating coins such as pennies – which are basically small zinc plates covered in a perfect layer of copper. The goal of electroplating is to ensure the integrity of the product is maintained, but that if you looked closely at the item, you would be unable to determine that the top product was not in fact the original product. So, in the case of taking your steel plated Apple watch and using the process of electroplating, you would not be able to tell that you had not originally purchased the special Gold Edition Apple watch.


Trust us!

We at Honeydipped Plating Ltd are confident in our process and therefore say, with a great deal of credibility that our Gold plated Apple watches are permanently bonded with high purity 24 karat gold. You can choose from either a 38mm or 42mm gold plated watch body and gold plated clasp. We are confident that you will appreciate both the craftsmanship and quality of our work. Look no further than Honeydipped for your look alike authentic gold Apple Watch. Contact us today for more inform
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