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Have you ever come across the words gold plating or gold plated? Most of the jewelry lovers would certainly know about the term as it is a technique mostly employed in jewelry or watches. Gold plating is a process in which an extremely thin layer of gold is deposited and then bound on another metal. This metal now looks exactly like gold. The metal mostly used is copper or silver but sometimes stainless steel watches are also gold plated. The piece that has been gold plated is quite affordable as compared to solid gold or alloys of gold because the metal on which the layer has been plated is cheaper. This gives the property of resisting tarnish to the metal. However, some metals breakdown and cause the layer of gold to slowly diminish, whereas, on another hand, some experts now use multiple layers of the metal to prevent tarnish and damage while ensuring durability and longer lasting shine of the article that has undergone the process of gold plating.

Difference between Solid Gold and Gold Plating

Gold plating consists of another metal on the surface of which an extremely thin layer of gold has been deposited and bound whereas solid gold consists solely of the element called gold and is entirely composed of the metal called gold. This level of purity is often known as 24 Karat and is denoted as 24k. However, pure gold is very soft and brittle so it is often mixed with other metals to form allows. Gold does not corrode or wear out which is one of the main reasons behind the high prices of gold items. The alloys range from 22K to 10K and mostly the metals that are used as alloys are silver, copper, and palladium. Alloys mostly have characteristics of gold like the color but sometimes alloys of different compounds with gold are added to give the material a unique color.  

 Advantages of Gold Plating

Gold plating is a technical process and is carried out keeping in view the unlimited demand for such material. Here are certain benefits of gold plating that have lead to increased demand:

  • Gold plating helps the people who cannot buy solid gold products to easily afford the cheaper but equally beautiful accessories.
  • It helps people have a greater collection of jewelry and watches which you can easily change the jewelry or watches when needed whereas people do not like to experiment with pure gold.
  • With gold-plated you look trendier because items of pure gold and alloys of gold are too expensive to buy with every changing trend. This will ensure that you look up-to-date and stylish as you always wanted to look without having to spend loads. As these products are cheaper so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of fashion.

Gold plating is a professional job and needs proficient expertise in order to be pursued. It helps accentuate the look of items of jewelry as well as watches without having to spend much. 

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